Delilah is a funky-purple haired girl that looks like something in between a manga fae and a dark lady [And no, you won't find her photo in here]. Actually, this isn't 100% accurate, as we noticed that she changed her hair colour a few times since the original bio was written. Let's however assume it's still purple.

Happily committed to her soulmate, she reached the highest level of sushi-making and possibly the sweetest level of cake-baking. Her eyes turn into hearts at the sight of stuffed pigs and anything glittery and, possibly, pink as well.

Proud owner of a pirate's treasure chest and cupcake-shaped necklaces, Delilah is also an artist of some kind. Browse this website to find out more, or just wait until you stumble upon some digital art and random creativity.

Computer science fetishist, her fave topics in the field are mostly Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Cryptography, Networks and the likes. Proud nerd in a bunny suit, she is addicted to the net, the chocolate and caramelized apples. Yes. Strawberry flavoured Milkshake is a must, and candyfloss has to be shared to enojoy.

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