Some people are just the best. I first want to remember and thank my granddad, who I still so damn miss - and everyone who left me too early.

I am lucky for having such a great and supportive family, always there for me, and an awesome boyfriend that makes me smile.

I am glad there's someone who sms'es me the day of my birthday just to let me know they wish me a good day. And someone who travels a lot in order to make me a surprise. And the ones that are always there for me. And the guys in my contact list who ask me 'how are you' and they really mean it. And the guys not in my contact list who do the same. And the ones that, whenever I'm down, cheer me up.

I deleted the old list that was hanging on this page. There were only names and/or nicknames. You know who you are.

To you, <3