Delilah and the Demoscene

Delilah got involved into the demoscene some years ago, falling in love with it by watching a Valhalla production named 'Fluid Motion'.

Together with another scener, she founded SKiM, which is her main [international] demogroup. Delilah is actually also part of Dream Merchants. Other than that, she has also been a co-organizer of Codex Alpe Adria / 0xaa regarding the demoscene past years [2004-2005-2006] and the organizer of Horde Demoparty [0xaa-next-stage: pure demoscene] since 2007.

2003: Codex did not feature anything related to the scene. First edition.
2004: SKiM brought some demoscene into Codex with a speech regarding the state of the scene.
2005: The Horde Group [Delilah, Skan, Phobya] promoted a meeting and an 'event into the event' during Codex. We managed to find a room [well, shared, but better than nothing *wink*] and had our first scene meeting
2006: The event concept grew, the Horde group found a new location and we had compos, demoshows, scene speechs and tons of fun. Still the event [and location] was shared so couldn't be a real demoparty - but we had tons of fun anyway. Thanks to Cas for his precious support - he entered the group succesfully :)