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About Delilah

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About The Pigs Showroom / The Pigs Zone

 The 'Pigs Showroom / Zone' is a well(cough)known old project of mine. I decided to collect here the pictures of my pigs. As many as possible, as the number of the piggies is growing and growing and I am very lazy at updating this little space of the web :)

It happens I like pigs. People know it, and I often get little plush animals and piggish tools, such the pig sponge or the pig-lamp.

Okay, I admit it, I have a serious crush on pigs.

I see pigs everywhere. And I got pigs everywhere, too. My room is quite a mess because of it.

Each piece has its own story and means something special to me. I obviously don't like pigs only -I own cows and sheep in large quantities as well- but pigs are the best imho.

I am not, in fact, collecting pigs. I just like them and everything happens is a consequence of it. A natural progression of my love for them I'd say :)

I'd love to have a little pig as a pet. Too bad my dad keeps blackmailing me about cooking it if I dare to [fries and rosemary would turn it in a good tasty one he claims] so I gave up for the moment.

So well, there you go. I like pigs and this is a weird website about them. gh.