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She is not interested in foot fetish [looks like every single foot-fetishist in the world is trying to date her: no way], nor in slaves [unless you feel like cleaning her house daily; that would be good, but still no sexual reward for you].

In love with occult topics since she was born, Delilah is part of various online communities. You may want to check www.demonic.tk for more info. Or you may want not to, since the website isn't being updated in ages. Did I mention Delilah is a lazy ass when it comes to update websites?

Before to ask anything else, it's recommended you to browse the website's FAQ's. That's a funny reading, and you will even learn how to spell 'delilah' correctly.

If you want to contact her, go here. And if you're clever enough, you will find some more hidden info somewhere in the website.

Thank you for visiting this website :) _o/~