[2008 update]

We apologize for the trouble that may have caused the non-updating of the website.

Long story short, we went through really bad times past months. This obviously had some consequence on our life, our future, our present and, hm, Horde Demoparty.

We are still aiming to make it happen. However, after a final meeting, we decided it would have been wiser to postpone it. We are guessing September now, final dates will be given once we manage to find a proper location for it.

However, some explanation is due. Why isn't the party taking place in july 25th-27th, as previously announced?
The main reason is that we got offered a nifty location and everything was almost ready-to-go, however when we started 'technically' organising, the location disappeared, as it was a 'fake proposal' mostly.
We are very disappointed by who offered it first, however we just let it go. We are not in the mood of haunting every single place in order to find a doable location in time for the end of july - add our personal troubles, you get the picture of what's going on.

We won't be back in the last year's wonderful location because, well (you realized it by yourself) it's too small and we won't be blessed by the sun every year. Plus, Italian law system doesn't help [we do need special permissions in order to stay for a weekend somewhere and so on] so it just makes everything extremely slow.

We will make Horde, again. We just don't know when.

Afterall, we do it because we love the demoscene and it should be fun, not stress. As soon as something new pops up, this page will be updated.

Thank you for your patience.

We are sorry, but we really did (do) the best we can. Hope to see you soon partying at Horde, so stay tuned :)

Skan & Delilah